July 2

Doctor Who The Doctor Falls review – Capaldi’s last stand

Doctor Who, The Master, Missy

And what a glorious last stand for Peter Capaldi it is!

Let’s get right too it. This is the best episode of the season and for me the best of Peter Capaldi’s run. Capaldi commands every iota of screen time given to him. This version of the Doctor has even learned how to stave off his regeneration so he can save the day.

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April 29



This is a garden snake that I saw crossing the road here in our neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. Slithered into a neighbor’s yard. Mow your lawn folks!

Click for Snake video!


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March 11

10 Cloverfield Lane…there are monsters…

10 Cloverfield Lane

Here’s the skinny!

The new movie 10 Cloverfield Lane started out as spec script called The Cellar (or Valencia). Producer J.J. Abrams folded it into 10 Cloverfield Lane, and part of his Cloverfield universe. Make no mistake though the big monster in this film is John Goodman giving a beast of an acting performance that truly deserves an Oscar nod if there is any justice in this world. Continue reading

August 30

First post on the revamped site!

Hello, everyone – thanks for stopping by!  Special thanks to my fiance Joey for motivating me to restart my site.

So what should I tell you about me?  Well, first of all, I’d probably tell you that I’m a poor boy from Savannah, Georgia.  Then I’d offer you a coca-cola.  I might also tell you that I’m 5’2″ but that’s clearly not true (six feet plus).

This page will be dedicated to anything that strikes my interest. I love to write, read, and host podcasts.

GoG High ResThe Lafsville AdventuresI’m an ex-DJ/radio guy. These days I’m also co-host and co-creator of a podcast called Guardians of the Geekery that you should check out.  And I also wrote a comic book series called The Lafsville Adventures featuring Leather Jacket Guy and The Team.  This and my other comic book work has been reprinted internationally.  And I’m also a member of The Charlotte Geeks and help out with their annual Geek Gala.


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