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Doctor Who The Doctor Falls review – Capaldi’s last stand

Doctor Who, The Master, Missy

And what a glorious last stand for Peter Capaldi it is!

Let’s get right too it. This is the best episode of the season and for me the best of Peter Capaldi’s run. Capaldi commands every iota of screen time given to him. This version of the Doctor has even learned how to stave off his regeneration so he can save the day.

Steven Moffat’s last stand

Whatever your opinion of Moffat he packs in a ton of nostalgia and sets up the scenes along with visionary director Rachel Talalay so Capaldi can shine. While The Master, Missy, and the Doctor are thrilling to watch Talalay masterfully takes us from the Mondas colony ship furnace floor 1056 to the pastoral floor 507 while making each floor a supporting character.

Major movement for the characters in the finale

The cruelty of the episode is nobody knows anyone else’s fate exactly. The Doctor doesn’t know that he converted Missy to lead a better path. The Doctor doesn’t know Bill is saved. Bill doesn’t know that the Doctor survives. Nardole lives and gains a love interest but is stranded on the ship (for now). The Master’s plan is altered almost right away so the Doctor and company are on the run from the Cybermen. Pearl Mackie’s Bill gets to live another day and like Matt Lucas’ Nardole gains a love interest. I won’t spoil who the love interest is but I honestly didn’t see it coming.

The Master and Missy

The Master and his future form Missy play a delightful game in deception. One of these “Masters” fall in this episode and it is quite touching. I’ll miss Michelle Gomez and Peter Simm’s chemistry and wicked performances. All I can think is I never thought I would see Simm’s version of the Master return so anything is possible.

Doctor, doctor…

It’s quite fitting that Capaldi’s version of the Doctor has always reminded me of the first Doctor. We are treated to the first Doctor meeting the twelfth Doctor in Antartica. I know what I want for Christmas…the Doctor Who Christmas Special! David Bradley and Peter Capaldi? Yes please!

Doctor Who 1 and 12
Doctor Who One and Doctor Who Twelve BBC

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