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Doctor Who World Enough and Time – Mondasain Cybermen are back!

Original Cyberman Doctor Who

Episode 11 of 12

Here we go! The two part finale of the season is here! Mondasian Cybermen are back. Be afraid, be very afraid. Plus a black hole with a gigantic spaceship trapped in a gravity well. Could this episode pack any more in? Well, thanks for asking…yes!

Doctor Who Poetry

The title this Doctor Who episode, World Enough and Time, is pulled from the opening of the Andrew Marvell’s 17th Century poe, ‘To His Coy Mistress’. Rachel Talalay returns for the fifth time to direct the episode.

What’s in a name?

Our adventure opens with Missy in The Doctor’s role with Nardole and Bill on a mega ship fighting to pull away from a black hole. Turns out this is practice to make Missy a better person/Timelord. The scene starts off funny as Missy proclaims, ‘Hello, I’m Doctor Who…’ and then there is a debate between Nardole, Bill, and Missy about wether Doctor Who is The Doctor’s real name. The Doctor is in the Tardis observing Missy’s actions but quickly leaves the Tardis to jump in only to have Bill get shot by a crew member of the mysterious ship. The Doctor is forced to allow some strange aliens take Bill away “for repairs”.

The Doctor deduces the gigantic ship experiences time differently. He is at the top or front of the ship while the bottom of the ship where Bill is taken time passes faster but it’s never really explained how fast and Bill doesn’t seem to age during this time.

Bill finds an ally of sorts in ‘Mr. Razor’ who helps Bill pass the time away and watch The Doctor on a monitor where his group appears as freeze frames due to the difference in time on the colony ship. Bill find other people being fixed and repaired but they make no sound. She finds a volume button and discovers they are all calling out “pain” or “kill me”, so yes, not too good of an omen for Bill being repaired.

By the time the Doctor, Nardole, and Missy reach Bill it’s too late! Bill’s been turned into the first Mondasian Cyberman! The Doctor had already stated that the Tardis was unable to operate reliably for inter ship travel so a save for Bill seems out of the question.

Mr. Razor reveals himself to Missy as The Master! Actor John Simm returns to question Missy’s new morale compass direction.

So next episode will we see Bill cross the threshold of no return as a Cyberman? Will the Master and Missy team up to help or hurt the Doctor? Will the Doctor regenerate at the end of the episode or will this be saved for the Christmas Special?

The countdown to The Doctor Falls begins!

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