August 30

First post on the revamped site!

Hello, everyone – thanks for stopping by!  Special thanks to my fiance Joey for motivating me to restart my site.

So what should I tell you about me?  Well, first of all, I’d probably tell you that I’m a poor boy from Savannah, Georgia.  Then I’d offer you a coca-cola.  I might also tell you that I’m 5’2″ but that’s clearly not true (six feet plus).

This page will be dedicated to anything that strikes my interest. I love to write, read, and host podcasts.

GoG High ResThe Lafsville AdventuresI’m an ex-DJ/radio guy. These days I’m also co-host and co-creator of a podcast called Guardians of the Geekery that you should check out.  And I also wrote a comic book series called The Lafsville Adventures featuring Leather Jacket Guy and The Team.  This and my other comic book work has been reprinted internationally.  And I’m also a member of The Charlotte Geeks and help out with their annual Geek Gala.


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