May 7

Doctor Who – Knock Knock. Wonderful season.

Bill from Doctor Who

No duds here

Wow! Four episodes into the season and thanks to great writing and the Doctor’s new companion Bill, a flawless season. Knock Knock is pretty close to the best haunted/creepy story since Blink. You’re in for a real treat with this tale.


After the nearly non-stop first three episodes it’s nice to join life in progress although we aren’t quite sure how much time has passed from the adventures of Thin Ice to Knock Knock. Life moves on and with a Tardis in the mix does it really matter how much off screen time has passed. Doesn’t seem too long so I guess we’re ok for now.

Speaking of moving on…

Bill (Pearl Mackie) is moving into a new place. Cause for celebration? Except for the creepy landlord! The first half of the episode is basically a Who horror movie. What adds to the creep factor is the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) wants to hang out with Bill and her friends while he awaits their next adventure in time and space. Bill is of course embarrassed and in a neat nod to classic Who introduces the Doctor as her grandfather. Mackie and Capaldi’s chemistry is so much fun and they seize the opportunity to get every ounce of comedic fun out of the script.

The Doctor does what the Doctor does

In this I mean the Doctor and Bill use their brains to figure out the mystery. They discover the source of the spooky going ons is caused out of boy’s love for his mother. David Suchet is brilliant as the landlord who it turns out is really a boy, now an old man and landlord who never grew up. The landlord is a boy at heart who only wishes to help keep his now wooden mother, Eliza alive even at the expense of human lives via tenants. What I love about Doctor Who is that once the mystery and threat are figured the Doctor and Bill immediately turn to offering to help Eliza and her son. This spirit of giving is desperately needed in the world right now and I’m excited to be a Who fan through and through. Great job for the this fantastic season so far.

The vault

So which version of the Master is in the vault?  John Simm or Michelle Gomez? The epilogue ends with the Doctor entering the vault. Next episode perhaps?

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