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The Old Guard 3, love is like war

The Old Guard 3 comic book cover

The H.L Mecken quote on the inside cover of The Old Guard #3 applies to this comic, “Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.” Leandro Fernandez and Greg Rucka weave an addictive story that is easy to get into, but you don’t want it to end.

The Old Guard

If you haven’t read issue one or two track those down then jump into issue three. The basic premise is immortals who don’t know why they are immortals and decide to bide their time as mercenaries. The funny thing is sometimes the immortals can die, and they all wish to end their eternal lives.

Time to die?

Man in noose
Credit: Image Comics

As issue three picks up with the veteran, immortal leader Andy and newbie Nile perched over the heavily battered body of their friend Booker, wondering if he finally died. What follows is a lavishly illustrated by Fernandez and colored by Daniela Miwa flashback of Booker in Napoleon’s army as they foolishly invade Russia. As Booker hangs for desertion, we move back to the present as Booker is slowly healing despite having half his skull blown off. Booker then fills in Andy and Nile that he was ambushed while Joe and Nicky were taken away.


Fupp! Fupp! KRAKKRAK

Letterer Jodi Wynne is given the spotlight for five pages during a firefight between Andy, with her silencer, and antagonist Copley’s thugs and their machine guns. Wynne knocks it out of the park as an active part of the storytelling team.

Greg Rucka’s economy of words

No word is wasted by writer Rucka as he finishes off the issue by letting Andy and Booker explain to Nile why she must sever contact with everyone who ever knew her. All the dialogue feels so natural if not more than a little heartbreaking. Do yourself a favor, if you like The Old Guard, pick up Rucka and Fernandez’s run on Queen & Country. These are two graphic storytellers who work flawlessly together.

I give The Old Guard five out of five stars. Enjoy.

Art and covers: Leandro Fernandez

Colors: Daniela Miwa

Letters: Jodi Wynne

Editor: Alejandro Arbona

Published by Image Comics

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