December 27

Until we meet again Carrie Fisher. A Star Wars Story

Carrie Fisher Star Wars

Carrie Fisher RIP

This post is my raw reaction to the passing of Carrie Fisher. I had to get my immediate thoughts out.

First off my heart goes out to Carrie Fisher’s family, as this is a tragic loss to them. The Star Wars fans are a family as well, but we need to remember with celebrity deaths that these are real people with loved ones who are going through a terrible time.

The news

I had just enjoyed my second viewing of Rogue One where a CGI Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia had a cameo and decided to head over to Lowe’s where I was delighted to find some Star Wars Christmas lights on sale. I checked my email and my wife broke the news to me. Carrie Fisher had died after being in the ICU due to a heart attack. My heart sank. I had hoped she would make a recovery, but it was not to be. Soon my phone (in R2-D2 case) was beeping with news of Carrie’s death.Princess Leia Funko

Why we care

I think the big reason so many fans are taking this hard news hard is Star Wars is a part of our life. Every Christmas and birthday since Star Wars, A New Hope came out I’ve received some Star Wars card, toy, ornament, journal, watch, and most recently an R2-D2 popcorn maker.

Princess Leia Hoth

I grew up playing with my original Star Wars Kenner action figures and still display them to this day. I even had my dear Aunt on the floor playing Star Wars action figures with me as I dreamed up elaborate adventures for my plastic stand-ins. The Star Wars Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit) action figure was my way to introduce my sister to the Star Wars universe (and to con her into playing action figures). I remember moving to Toledo, Ohio (for the second time) in sixth grade and meeting my friend Tom Good who was the only kid I had ever met with more Star Wars…well… everything than me. Tom and I would spend hours setting up massive scenes from the movies and stage battles based on the comic books, novels, and our imaginations.

While Carrie Fisher didn’t rev my Millennium Falcon engines back during Episode IV: A New Hope days things changed by the time Return of the Jedi came out. Thanks in no small part to Carrie Fisher wearing a bikini and my 12-year-old puberty-charged libido!

Shared experiences

As I began writing, Carrie was there as a successful writer beyond the Star Wars universe. She also went through a divorce, alcoholism, and lived with bipolar disorder. What a fighter! I loved seeing Carrie in other non-Star Wars films like The Blues Brothers, Under the Rainbow, and when I was into Kevin Smith’s films up pops Carrie in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The circle of her influence on me over decades was complete. Again the original classic Star Wars fans aged with Carrie, and we all could relate to her through the life experiences of aging and living.

Now that Disney owns Star Wars I hope they will not only work on Han Solo films but also look at working on the early adventures of Princess Leia for a movie in the future. For now Princess Leia lives on in the Marvel Star Wars comic books so if you miss the character take a peek.

I’ll miss you, Princess.

May the Force be with you. Always.


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